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Multiple NGO Job Vacancies

Gambela, Ethiopia Full Time

1. Pharmacy Supervisor / Reference No. GAM-002-ADM 17/

Job Description


Ensure general functioning of the pharmacy and supervise pharmacy supply chain processes in accordance with MSF’s standards, in order to ensure its efficiency and operating availability.


· Define storage, stock management and supply processes, as well as hygiene and security procedures, tools, and protocols (controlling pests and rodents), implementing appropriate quality controls and records, in order to ensure good storage conditions (temperatures, humidity and light exposure) and availability of drugs and medical material. This will be done according to MSF protocols, national regulations and in cooperation with the logistics department.

· Coordinate the delivery, reception and recording of international and local orders, in close coordination with the logistics department, updating stock files and informing line managers on their status (shortfalls, over-stocking, expiry dates), in order to permanently ensure security stock levels and ensure efficient management of stock.

· Checks drugs and equipment upon their reception to the pharmacy.

· Ensures that all drugs have files and stock cards according to the protocols.

· Ensuring the proper disposal of drugs and medicines according to MSF Safety standards and waste management protocols, and to national and international legislation.

· Supervise orders of medical and drug material in order to ensure an efficient and appropriate consumption pattern under budget constraints.

· Supervise the supply patterns of drugs to patients, according to medical prescriptions, informing them on consumption patterns and keeping conditions in order to ensure their therapeutic progression

· Ensure efficient supply to other pharmacies managed/supported by MSF according to orders and stocks, and using cold chain when needed. Monitor and analyse orders of depending pharmacies in order to avoid ruptures of stock or having expired drugs.

· Supervise, with the HR department, the associated processes (sizing, staff shifts, recruitment, training, performance evaluation, development and internal/external communication) of the pharmaceutical team and the nursing staff, in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required and to improve their dispensing capabilities.

· Report on drug consumptions and medical equipment dispensed according to protocols, informing on unusual patterns as well as forecasting future needs, in order to rationalise the budget and to ensure availability.

· Records all items received and issued in computer (Isystock)

· Assist in training of nursing staff regarding dispensing of drugs and their side effects

Job Requirements



· Essential, degree of pharmacy management (could also be a nurse with pharmacy experience or education)


· At least 1 year certified work experience as a pharmacy supervisor.


· Essential mission and local language


· Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)


· Able to coach and supervise

2. Tech Log Officer/ Base - Reference No. GAM-003-ADM 17

Job Description


  • Carry out or supervise all maintenance logistic activities in the base (vehicles, fuel consumption, local infrastructure) according to MSF protocols in order to have the material, infrastructure and vehicles in optimal running conditions.



  • Supervise drivers; Plan vehicles movements, track individual trips, and ensure implementation of security measures
  • Supervise watchmen; Plan their schedule and supervise proper implementation.
  • Supervise Radio Operators; Plan their schedule and supervise proper implementation.
  • Track consumption of supplies, fuel, lubricants, used in different facilities (office, house, store, etc.).
  • Check domestic waste is correctly discarded. Check the maintenance of the various open spaces (gardens, courtyards...).
  • Check and ensure the maintenance of MSF premises and facilities, as well as the general water supply, electrical, walls, ceilings... and security conditions. In this sense, make inspection visits to assess the rehabilitation needs of facilities.
  • Perform maintenance of logistics equipment for cold chain, energy, IT and radio communications, in particular:
  • Inventories and the reallocation of equipment.
  • Checks the quality of the work carried out on generators and electrical installations.
  • Prepare orders for his sector activity, do the follow-up, check their proper reception and state.
  • Participates in trainings at the request of the line manager.

Maintenance and construction

  • Ensure the check and follow-up of health facilities supported by MSF in outreach (health posts, health centres...) under the line Logistic Manager.
  • Carrying out regular visits to the health facilities, reporting any anomalies or problems to the line supervisor.
  • Evaluating rehabilitation needs and following up minor building rehabilitation work in accordance with instructions given by his supervisor, and accounting to him/her on progress
  • Check and maintains the waste management of supported sites, including training of MSF & RHB staff in this matter

Job Requirements



· Essential Secondary Education and Formal Technical Training


· Minimum 2 years previous experience in Logistics

· Minimum 2 years of experience in MSF, desirable


· Mission language essential (English), local language essential (mother language).


· Essential Computer Literacy (word, excel)


· Results.

· Leadership.

· Teamwork.

· Flexibility.

· Commitment. Stress Management

3. Supply logistic officer / Reference No. GAM-004-ADM 17/

Job Description


Under supervision of the Logistics Team Leader (LTL), ensure (supervise or execute) an efficient implementation of supply chain activities (order management, purchase management, stock management, freight management), guaranteeing a proper application of MSF supply procedures.


Plans, coordinates and supervises the daily activities of the Supply team: organizing their working plan, ensuring coaching and supervision.

Supply Administration and procedures: Ensures a smooth running of supply administration and the respect of the implemented supply procedures.

Local Purchase Follow-up

- In collaboration with the Purchaser, responsible for follow-up of local purchase.

- Prepare with the project log and admin, market assessments, pro forma’s, contracts, and supplier evaluations.

Order and Stock follow-up

- Assures the necessary supply to the project (making and following up of orders)

- Perform regular communication with capital for the purpose of order follow-up

- Plan the purchase of fast moving materials (stationery, household items, work equipment, ...)

- Monitor stock levels related to monthly consumption

- Controls stock movements, in collaboration with the storekeeper.

Job Requirements


· Essential degree and specialization in Logistics/Supply Chain


· Essential in supply chain management (minimum 2 years) and in organization of supply administration and procedures..

· Desirable proven understanding of MSF Field Logistics (general knowledge of

MSF equipment and kits in accordance to the nature of the project).



· English essential and local language

· Computer literacy

4. Logistics Manager /Reference no. GAM-001-ADM 17/

Job Description


Plan, coordinate and monitor all logistics related activities in the project area including all non-medical assistance related activities (shelter, food, water hygiene-sanitation and essential non-food items) and provide support to medical assistance activities, according to MSF protocols and standards in order to ensure an optimal running of the project.


- Assist the Project Coordinator in the definition and follow-up of logistics activities in the project, in conjunction with other medical project managers in order to identify and give a response to the needs of the targeted population in terms of construction, transport, communication, food, shelter, water and sanitation, and essential non-food items. Additionally, provide response to maintenance and supply needs for the medical facilities (temporary shelter, lighting, heating, material and consumable items) and for MSF accommodation and field offices:

- Monitor on a day-to-day basis the implementation of logistics/technical activities in the project (construction, stock and supply of medical and non-medical material, transport, communications, water and sanitation, vehicles and engines, equipment/installation and infrastructures, communications, etc.) ensuring compliance of MSF standards, protocols and procedures, and reporting to the Project Coordinator on the development of the ongoing programmes:

- Participate in the planning together with the project Logistics Team Leader, the Project Coordinator and the HR Coordinator, and implement HR associated processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, detection of potential, development and communication) of the logistics staff in the project in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required to correctly perform all logistics activities.

- Ensure technical reference for all logistics/technical issues in the project and provide coaching to logistics staff under his/her responsibility.

- Contribute to monthly reports according to guidelines.

Job Requirements



· Essential secondary education and technical diploma or technical university degree, preferably as an engineer.


· Essential at least two years of working experience in logistics related activities. Desirable previous experience with MSF or other NGOs, and working experience in developing countries.


· Essential: English and Amharic languages both written and spoken. Knowledge of other local language would be an advantage.


· Essential Computer Literacy (word, excel, power point)

How to Apply

All applicants should send a CV, cover letter, educational records, work certificates and copy of id. Card either by email to (please indicate VACANCY reference number) or give in person to MSF Spain Addis Ababa and project Offices.

Closing date: 15 January 2017.

We strongly encourage qualified women to apply.

Please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

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